Did you know? Great teachers stay longer, and students learn more, in schools with the strongest talent management practices.




Instructional Culture Insight is a survey used by more than 1300 schools across the country to improve their talent management practices, building schools that are exceptional places for teaching and learning.

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  • Background information on Insight and our methodology
  • Introductory webinars
  • Insight FAQs


Interpret Your Results: Review and Prioritize

Your first step is to analyze your results in order to determine what areas to prioritize for action.

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  • Download reflection template to support your analysis of Insight results
  • Review a presentation on how to analyze your Insight results
  • Join a training on interpreting your Insight results


Take Action: Visualize Success and Access Resources

Once you've reviewed your Insight results and set priorities, it's time to define success and begin making improvements.

Click here to:

  • Learn how to use Insight to set goals
  • Access materials to support sharing your Insight results with teachers
  • Read about best practices for improving instructional culture

For more information contact Insight@tntp.org

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