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A. What is Insight?

Insight, short for Instructional Culture Insight, is a survey developed and administered by TNTP to teachers. Administered twice a year, and generally taking 15-20 minutes to complete, Insight provides valuable feedback on the talent management experiences of teachers. Insight includes questions across many topics, including Observation & Feedback, Instructional Planning, and Evaluation.

B. What is the impact of having a strong instructional culture?

In schools with the strongest cultures, as measured by the Instructional Culture Index, students learn more in both math and reading. And great teachers stay longer - they plan to leave strong schools at half the rate of weaker-cultured schools. In short, these schools are great places for teachers and students to teach and learn, and their results speak for themselves.


C. How does Insight work?

Insight leverages the theory of positive deviance which posits that "in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers, while having access to the same resources and facing similar or worse challenges." Insight results include benchmark data taken from the strongest-cultured schools as identified by the Index to demonstrate what is possible and to motivate schools for improvement. The theory of positive deviance is also closely aligned to the idea of "bright spots" as shared by Chip and Dan Heath in Switch.


D. How does Insight compare schools?

Insight uses the Instructional Culture Index, a score on a scale from 1-10, to measure the instructional culture in each school. The Index is a roll-up of three questions from the Insight survey which describe strong talent management practices in any organization. The Index is a validated predictor of student achievement in schools, as well as the retention of teachers rated as effective or better. The Instructional Culture Index is further explained in this downloadable paper.

The Index - Explained


E. When is the Insight survey administered and reports delivered?

TNTP administers the Insight survey twice each school year. Our winter administration occurs between November and February, and our spring administration occurs between May and June. Schools typically receive their reports within 4 weeks of the close of the survey in their sector or district.   By providing this look into instructional culture twice each year, school leaders are able to course-correct halfway through the year based on this additional data.


F. How do I use my Insight results?

 Start by prioritizing one or two areas of highest need or potential, and then determine what is necessary for improvements.

Create a vision of successful improvement, collect resources to support improvement, and share findings and plans with teachers to build a community committed to change.



Frequently Asked Questions

How many schools have participated in Insight?

Since we began administering the survey in 2010, nearly 1600 schools have participated, including several large districts and cohorts of charter schools. In the fall of 2016, over 1400 schools participated in Insight.

How is Insight different from other teacher surveys?

Every teacher survey is different in important ways, but here are some of the advantages of Insight:

  • The Insight item bank was written specifically for teachers, to capture their feedback on important talent management practices in schools.
  • The Insight item bank was also designed to be actionable, allowing leaders to take direct steps to improve their management and support of teachers.
  • Insight results include benchmark data – the top-quartile comparisons – which put each school’s results into context with other schools in the area.
When is Insight administered?

Insight is administered twice a year – in the fall/winter and again in the spring. By conducting Insight twice a year, we support school leaders in engaging with a cycle of continuous improvement through measurement, planning and action, and subsequent reassessment.

What do I need to do during the survey administration?

Our goal is to have all of your teachers’ voices reflected in your school report, and as a school leader, you are well positioned to engage teachers in Insight.  Because of this, we ask you to encourage your teachers to participate and remind them that their responses will be held in full confidence. Because the Insight survey is administered online, via links emailed directly to teachers, there is nothing that school leaders are required to do.

When will I receive my school’s Insight reports?

Schools generally receive their reports approximately 3-4 weeks after the survey closes for all schools within a district or region. For an answer specific to your school, please email .



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