Now that you've prioritized your areas of focus, and determined your action steps, you're ready to set goals, build a community for change, and access resources.

A. Visualize and define success

Step 1: Visualize your school's success

  1. How will it look and feel in your school when you've become successful in your area for improvement?
  2. What will be the behaviors of your school's leaders, teachers, and students?

Step 2: Set behavioral goals

  1. Consider the metrics associated with your area for improvement.
  2. Determine ambitious-yet-attainable goals for improvement.

Step 3: Set goals related to Insight metrics

  1. Set goals for improvement in domains or questions. (NB: we suggest not setting goals for improvement in the Instructional Culture Index, due to sheer breadth of behaviors associated with the three Index items.)
  2. Set domains goals to "trend-to-ten": focus on closing the gap between your domain score and a perfect 10.

Use this guide to plan for the amount of change you can expect to see over time.



B. Build a community for change

Step 1: Engage your leadership team with your school's Insight results

Step 2: Share your Insight results and reflection with your teachers

  • Determine what you will share with teachers, and how.
  • Prepare your materials in advance to ensure a productive conversation.
  • Engage your teachers to build a community committed to improvement - there's no reason for you to go it alone.
Guidance and resources for sharing with teachers

School leaders' sharing of their Insight results with teachers can positively impact future response rates to the Insight survey as well as create transparency and improve culture in schools.

Guidance document outlining strategies and considerations for sharing Insight results with teachers.Guidance for sharing Insight results

A PowerPoint (.ppt) sample/template for planning a presentation to share results with teachers

(includes embedded instructions and guidance)

Sample PowerPoint Deck

A Word (.doc) sample memo prepared to share results with teachers

(includes embedded guidance on decision making)

Sample MS Word memo
A Word (.doc) memo template prepared to share results with teachersMS Word memo template


C. Access ideas and resources


Accessing Resources

TNTP curates the Teacher Talent Toolbox, a collection of 300+ free and downloadable resources to support your efforts in improving talent management practices at your school. Resources are categorized by topic and by the time investment required before using them.

* READY TO GO: Resources you can use right away

**SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Resources you can customize to your school's needs

***BUILD YOUR OWN: Resources to spark your curiosity and help you plan for the long term

Access the Toolbox SPACE Watch a Toolbox Video Introduction



Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I share Insight results with my teachers?

Participating in Insight is an opportunity not only to hear your teachers' thoughts on their experiences in your school, but it's also the beginning of a conversation. After you've received your survey results, sharing those results - and your reflection on the data - demonstrates a desire for transparency, your willingness to engage with feedback, and builds a culture for change through the school community, rather than from the top, down.

Plus, great teachers are more likely to keep teaching in schools where they have been involved with school improvement efforts.

How can I learn more about my teachers' perspectives related to Insight items?

Still have questions for your teachers? Need to get more information from them on how things are going? Insight results may have surfaced additional questions for your leadership team, and it's a great idea to further engage with your teachers to unpack their perceptions.

There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Hold one-on-one meetings with teachers, and ask them to hypothesize about trends in the data
  • Conduct whole-staff or small-team discussions around areas of focus or where you would like more depth
  • Use focus groups: download this guide to conducting teacher focus groups, and bring teachers together to discuss trends form your Insight report
How many schools have participated in Insight?

Since we began administering the survey in 2010, 1,750 schools have participated, including several large districts and cohorts of charter schools. In the fall of 2016, over 1,350 schools participated in Insight.

How can I share my school's resources?

We are always excited to share excellent resources from schools via the Teacher Talent Toolbox. Please email toolbox@tntp.org with questions or resources you are ready to share.



For more information contact insight@tntp.org

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