TNTP delivers the Insight Campus Report, a PDF file with all school-level numerical results, open-ended items, and comparison data to all schools participating in Insight. The Campus Report is ideal for identifying strengths and needs within a school, digging in to explore a specific area of interest, and monitoring the effects of improvement efforts over time. Whether you're a school leader or are working to support school leaders, these short videos will help you use your Insight data to support school improvement.



Using the Insight Campus Report

New to the Insight Campus Report? Start here! This video will walk you through the kinds of data included in the Campus Report to help you get the most out of your Insight results. Once you’re comfortable with the Campus Report's contents, you can move on to a more detailed analysis using the videos below.

Where to Start? Prioritizing Insight Domains

It's important to focus improvement efforts in one area at a time. This video will walk through a protocol to identify a priority area, from which you'll build a plan to address that area of need.

Monitoring Progress with the Insight Campus Report

Once you've participated in Insight multiple times, your Campus Report will include historical comparison data which you can use to track progress in your priority areas. This video will show you how to find Insight items aligned to your priorities, and to assess the progress you've made over time.

Learn more about using Insight results to support your improvement plans for your school.

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