Principal Reflection: School-Wide Trends

This protocol walks you step-by-step through your school report to help you identify both the strengths and development areas that can be identified from students’ survey responses (Section 1).   It also helps you plan next steps to take with your staff (Section 2).

Section 1: Determining School-Wide Trends

Review your Student Surveys results report to identify the trends across and within each domain.

Reflection Questions

Managing Behavior



Investing Students in Learning

How does my school average compare to the rest of the district, or to the top-quartile?

(higher, lower, same)





Which items stand out?
(much higher or lower than
domain average)





What school-based factors explain the results in this domain?

(e.g. Where have you put more focus lately?;  What continues to be a struggle on your campus?)





Which teachers stand out?
(much higher or lower than
school average)





Section 2: Planning School-Wide Next Steps

Choose one area to focus your improvement efforts on.

Essential Questions

Supporting Questions to Consider


Which strengths should you celebrate with your staff?

In which domain are your highest results?

Are there particular items within a domain in which your staff received good results?


On which domains has your staff already been focusing?

Which domain connects with a strength you already see in your school?


Of these options, where would you like to especially reinforce your teachers’ strengths?


Which domain should your school focus on?

In which domain are your lowest results?

Which domains connect to an existing priority at your school?

Do you have any teachers who are doing this well that can be resources to you and other teachers?

In which development area do you see the most potential for positive impact on your school culture and learning?


What goals will you set for improvement in this domain?

What will you see from students to know the school has improved?

What will progress or success look and sound like in classrooms and in the school at large?
(link to domain teacher/student look-fors)

What benchmarks can you set to track progress? ( Example: By fall 2014, the school will be performing in the top-quartile for the Managing Behavior domain ).


How will you plan for improvement?

How will you communicate school trends to your staff?

How will you invest staff in goals?

How will you engage staff in developing and implementing solutions?
(link to staff meeting agenda & PowerPoint)

What resources will be helpful to improve this domain?

How will you track progress toward benchmarks/goals?
(link to sample tracker)


How will you follow up to ensure improvement?

What training do your teachers need to improve?

What resources will be valuable in training and supporting teachers?

Who else will provide support?

How will you hold teachers accountable for improvement in the school-wide focus area?

How will you recognize and/or celebrate progress?