Teacher Look-Fors

Student Look-Fors


85% of teachers will have scores above a 4.0 on Relationships.

Teacher explicitly encourages all students to share their thoughts, opinions, and questions in class, and reacts positively when they do.

Teacher provides scaffolded questions or hints to help students get to a correct answer when they are struggling.


Every student participates by raising their hand to answer questions in class, even when they aren’t sure of their answer.


Students often ask questions to clarify their understanding.


Students react positively to peers’ questions and comments.














Teacher Look-Fors

Student Look-Fors

Example 1:

Chandra Smith


Managing Behavior- Goal: to be in the top-quartile of teachers for this domain.

(1)     We have clear rules for what to do in this class.

(2)   Students in this class follow directions the first time.

Teacher explicitly states behavioral expectations at the beginning of each activity or transition and holds students accountable for them.


Teacher use positive narration to reinforce following directions the first time

Students consistently follow all classroom rules.


All students follow directions the first time they are given.