Sample Message to Principal

Provide the key message below to Principals during the survey window to provide them with information on their school’s current participation and the upcoming survey close date. Customize the message and any sections highlighted in yellow that pertain to the specific context for the individual Principal.




To: Principal

As you know, [Organization Name] is currently participating in the Insight survey. This survey provides you with an opportunity to gather perspectives from your teachers that could strengthen the instructional practices at your school. On [Enter Survey Launch Date] , teachers at your school received an email from the Insight Team with their unique survey link. Currently, your teacher response rate is x %. In order to generate a report with this valuable data, we must hear from at least 40 percent of your teachers by [Enter Survey Close Date] .


You can encourage your teachers to participate in the Insight survey in several ways. In conversations with teachers, you can emphasize that this is a critical opportunity for teachers to share their feedback to help improve school culture , and that the responses to this survey will be confidential . You can also plan to incorporate reminders about the Insight survey into emails, announcements, informal conversations, and upcoming staff or team meetings.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [Contact] or email . Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that your school continues to grow as an excellent place to teach and learn.