Sample Message to Teachers

Provide the key message below to Teachers during the survey window to remind them of the importance of the survey and their participation to share their perspective by the survey close date.




To: Teachers

[Organization Name] has partnered with TNTP, an education nonprofit, to administer the Insight survey. The candid feedback received through the Insight survey will help our leadership team to better understand what you and your colleagues experience each day at our school.   Hearing from you about your new and changing concerns will help identify ways to improve our school to make it a better place for teaching and learning.    


To take the survey, simply click on the unique link in the email you received from TNTP on [Survey launch date] . Please do not forward or share your link with colleagues. TNTP will keep y our individual responses to the survey confidential. The survey window will close on [Survey Close Date] , so please take 15 minutes to share your thoughts before then. If you have already completed the survey – thank you for sharing your feedback! For our school to benefit, your honest and candid responses are vital.  


If you have any questions about the survey , or if you cannot find your survey link, please reach out to [Contact] or email .