Principal Reflection: Individual Teacher Results

This protocol walks you step-by-step through your school report to help you identify both the strengths and development areas for an individual teacher (Section 1).   It also helps you plan for next steps you would like the teacher to take (Section 2).

Determining Teacher Trends

Review your Student Surveys results report to identify the trends across and within each domain for one teacher.

Reflection Questions

Managing Behavior

Promoting Risk-Taking

Holding High Academic Expectations

Investing Students in Learning

Student Perseverance

How does this teacher compare to our school’s average?

(higher, lower, same)






Which items stand out?
(significantly higher or lower than
school average)








How do these results compare to what I’ve seen in this teacher’s classroom?


























Planning Next Steps

Choose one area you would like this teacher to focus on.

Reflection Questions

Supporting Questions to Consider


What was this teacher's strength?

In which domain were this teacher’s results higher than the school average?


For which domain did they receive the most positive results?


Are there particular items within a domain in which the teacher received good results?


Which domain connects with a strength you see in the classroom?


Of these options, where would you like to especially reinforce the teacher's strength?



What is this teacher's most important area for development?

In which domain are the teachers' lowest results?


Which domain connects to something the teachers is already working on?


Which domain connects with a development area you have seen in the classroom?


Does this teacher have strengths that they can build upon in a certain domain?


In which development area do you see the most potential for positive impact on your school culture and learning?



What goals will you set around this domain?

What will you see from students to know the teacher has improved?


What will you see from the teacher to know he/she has improved?


(see this document for examples)


What benchmarks can you set to track progress? (example:  By October 15, 85% of students will take risks in class by volunteering answers and asking questions)




What support will you provide?

How will you communicate this information to the teacher?


How will you invest her in this improvement?


How will you engage him/her in developing and implementing solutions?


(see this document for a suggested debrief meeting agenda)


(see this document for recommended Teach Like a Champion strategies teachers can implement in their classrooms immediately)


How will you follow up to ensure improvement?

How will you support this teacher's ongoing development in this area?


How will you keep track of teachers’ goals in order to provide feedback on their progress? 


What do you expect their classroom to look like in September? January? June?


How will you recognize and/or celebrate progress?