Sample Teacher Meeting Agenda

Use this agenda to plan and facilitate meetings to debrief Student Survey results with individual teachers.

Objectives: The teacher will be able to…

1.       Articulate strengths and potential development areas in your student culture as identified by the survey results

2.       Identify one area of focus

3.       Plan multiple strategies in order to improve in the development area


Leader Should Bring:

  • School Student Survey results report
  • Pre-planned script for the meeting (questions, evidence, etc.)

Teacher Should Bring:

  • Teacher Student Survey results report
  • “Pre-work” reflection


State Purpose

(1 min)

Leader states the purpose and objective of the meeting.

Sample Language:

Thank you for joining me today to review your results.  We’re going to do a brief high-level overview of your results, but we’re going to spend the majority of our time planning the strategies you will use to improve in a particular area.

Planned talking points:


Meeting Notes:





Teacher Reflection

(5 min)

Teacher shares their reflection on their results

  Sample Language:

As you reviewed your results, what stood out to you? Where were your results stronger? Weaker?  What did you learn about your practice?


Planned talking points:



Meeting Notes:







Identify area of focus

(5 min)

School leader shares their reflection on teacher’s results

Sample Language:

I was happy to see…

One trend I noticed was…

What I have seen in the classroom that supports these results is…


Planned talking points:


Meeting Notes:







Strategize to address area of focus

(10 min)

School leader and teacher create a plan for improvement

  Sample Language:

Moving forward, I’d like you to focus on…

Here’s why it is so important…

In your classroom, what would that look like?

What strategies might you use to get there? Here’s what I can provide you…

What other support will you need?


Planned talking points:


Meeting Notes:



Set up timeline for implementation and close out

(1-2 min)

Plan next steps

Sample Language:

I’m glad we got to sit down to review these results together.

I’m excited to stop by your classroom next week to see this in action. 

We’ll continue to check in about progress at our bi-weekly check-ins.


Planned talking points:


Meeting Notes: